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Bamboo straw is 100% natural, bio-degradable, and reusable.

It is an ecological alternative that does not pollute our planet and helps preserve our global ecosystem. Made from organic and natural materials, they are one of the best sustainable, ecological, and natural alternatives to single-use plastic straws. It is made from the most sustainable and renewable plant in the world: bamboo.

Bamboo straw is reusable and is an original accessory for bars and restaurants wishing to surprise its customers. Bamboo straw is solid, easy to clean, and can be reused for several months. 

If you're looking for where to buy natural, clean, reusable straw, bamboo straw is for you. We offer bars, restaurants, and caterers an original and unique alternative. 

We suggest customizing your bamboo straws for each occasion (seminar, wedding, or another event) or for your brand image. The engraving of the message of your choice or your logo is possible.

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Our Bamboo products are natural, reusable. Say No to Plastic and use bamboo straws.

All of our bamboo straws are created from a single stalk of bamboo from Vietnam.

Our products are produced from mature, organic bamboo plants. They are 100% free from any chemicals or pesticides.




Bamboo Straws from Vietnam

Loose Straws 15cm Length

Our loose bamboo straws 15 cm in length, diameter 5-13mm comes with MOQ of 5000 pieces

Customised Box Pack

We can customize branding of a box of 10 straws with a brush for you. MOQ 5 cartons

Loose Straws 20cm Length

Our loose bamboo straws 20cm in length, diameter 5-13 mm comes with MOQ of 5000 pieces

Customised Engraving

We can do custom engraving of your straws. MOQ 1 carton

Straws in a bag

6 straws in a cotton bag with a cleaning brush. MOQ 5 cartons

Other Bamboo Made Products

Vacuum flask Thermos in natural eco-friendly bamboo with tea infuser filter, 450ml. MOQ 1000 pcs

Wholesale 100% Natural Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Cup Custom Logo Tableware Bamboo Teacup.  12cm & 8cm .

MOQ 1000 pcs

This eco-friendly travel set is ergonomic and resistant. These wooden spoon, fork, knife and straw are great quality. MOQ 2000 sets

With this toothbrush holder (21 cm) keep your toothbrush safe from bacteria and give a touch of style to your bathroom. MOQ 1000 pcs

Natural bamboo adult toothbrush. Nylon bristles
Length of 17 cm for a weight of 10gram. MOQ 5000 pcs

Natural Bamboo Cutlery This three-piece bamboo cutlery set made from natural bamboo kept in its raw state without any finishing treatment. MOQ 2000 sets.

Other Biodegradable Straws

Paper straw

New Arrivals

Special Pack For Hotels

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In total, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the oceans each year. Immersed in water, our bottles, cans, and plastic straws gradually degrade under the effect of UV rays and waves, forming small particles - microplastics - on which various pollutants aggregate. Marine animals ingest it when they cross contaminated water, which disrupts their growth and reproduction. Our marine animal's life in danger, say goodbye to plastic products and plastic straws. Be responsible and save your environment. Be kind to nature and nature will be kind to you.

Support us in our mission to remove ocean waste