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Best low-cost B2B Business Idea 2022

Updated: May 10, 2022

Sitting at home and thinking about what business to do during this pandemic?

Here is the best eco-business you can start right from your home using your Facebook page or webshop.

As you might know, eight million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year causing havoc in the food chain of the marine ecosystem. If we do not take action right now and change the attitude of our daily product usage, we might have a bigger challenge to face within the next few decades.

This is the time to act. The world now needs eco-friendly and sustainable products to replace single-use plastic products. Bamboo is the most eco-friendly resource you can ever get. Plastic takes 500-1000 years to get decomposed completely on the other hand bamboo-made products just take a few months.

Choose from our wide range of bamboo-made products, made in Vietnam, and start selling them according to MOQ from your webshop.

Please visit our Eco-Friendly bamboo & coconut product pages on our website:

We are the manufacturer and distributor of bamboo-made sustainable and eco-friendly products.

We are based in Vietnam and ship worldwide.

Here's how it will work

1. Email or WhatsApp our customer support for product pictures and pricing information for the products you want to sell.

Our contact details:


WhatsApp: +84 986786720

2. Add our products to your webshop or Facebook page and mail us to review.

3. Affiliate with Oceans Republic and sign NDA and privacy policy, this way you will never lose a customer. We keep all your records confidential and you have now a Vietnamese manufacturer at your side. We will provide you affiliation certificate.

4. We ship to your customer every time using your company details on the product packaging, directly from Vietnam, no need to import and then sell, this way the products will be cheaper for your customers.

This is the simplest dropshipping eco-friendly B2B, B2M business idea which will help you to earn and boost your finance. For any queries contact us.

Choose Oceans Republic, start selling, and start earning.

Wish you success.

Best Regards

Oceans Republic Team

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