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Vegan Smoothie Bowls

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Coconut Bowls from Vietnam

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Love for the planet and the world where we live inspired us to create yet another beautiful product from Vietnam.

Oceans Republic Coconut bowls are the perfect vessel for a vegan smoothie bowl! With their natural coconut fiber, these bowls help to keep your smoothie cold and provide a delicious and healthy snack that you can feel good about. Oceans Republic's coconut bowls are made from 100% organic coconuts, and are perfect for people on the go who want to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal.

​ Oceans Republic coconut bowls are SGS certified and are available for export.  

Oceans Republic Coconut Products

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Coconut smoothie bowls available in 3 sizes. S,M, L .

coconut candle.jpg

Natural coconut soy candles are available with wooden wick.

coconut wood bowls 2.jpg

Handcrafted bowls from coconut wood with natural texture and color.

coconut spatula.jpg

Eco-friendly coconut wood spatula is unique and quite durable.

coconut wood rectangle platter.png

Durable and eco-friendly coconut wood rectangle platter.

coconut wood simple platter_edited.jpg

Natural coconut wood platter, durable and ecofriendly. Made in Vietnam

coconutwood flower shaped platter.jpg

Flower Shaped Coconut wood platter handcrafted in Vietnam.

designed coconut bowl.png

You have the option to choose designed coconut vegan bowls.

Natural Coconut tealight holder.jpg

Handmade natural coconut tea light holder with fire resistant paint.

Oceans Republic Coconut Products (10).jpeg

 Coconut cutlery set made from natural coconut wood.

coconut wood heart platter.jpg

Handcrafted heart-shaped coconut wood natural plate.

coconut wood apple platter.jpg

Natural Coconut wood apple-shaped plate for your meals.

coconut wood triangular platter.jpg

Natural coconut wood triangle platter for your vegan food.

coconut wood fruit shaped platter.jpg

Fruit Shaped Coconut wood platter handcrafted in Vietnam.

coconutbowl with stand.png

Introducing coconut bowls with stand, perfect for your ice-creams.

coconut shell soap dish.jpg

Handcrafted natural coconut shell soap dishes from Vietnam.

ebony wood cutlery set.jpg

Natural ebony wood cutlery set matches with your coconut bowls

coconut wood leaf shaped platter 3.jpg

Unique leaf-shaped plate. Handmade from natural coconut wood.

Coconut wood round platter.jpg

Natural coconut wood round platter for your vegan food.

platter divided.jpg

Tamarind shaped four section platter for your  vegan meals or desserts.

Coconut Wood Mortar and Pestle.jpg

Coconut wood Mortar and Pestle to grind spices, herbs.


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