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Bamboo Products Manufacturer Near Me
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Who We Are

Oceans Republic is the biggest bamboo products factory in Vietnam. Our designed and manufactured products include Bamboo Hotel Amenities, Bamboo Kitchenware, Bamboo Bathroom Accessories, Bamboo Household Products, Bamboo Food and Beverage, Bamboo Construction Materials. All our products are certified by SGS Lab Vietnam.  

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Image by J Lee


Nguyen Huong Xuan

Director, Oceans Republic

Xuan was born in the family of the highly ranked Vietnam militia, she worked for the Vietnam army for over 8 years. She also worked and managed government and green companies in Vietnam before. She is a young entrepreneur, angel investor, and trendsetter who is determined to stop plastic pollution globally.

She supports hiring and promoting Local bamboo craftsmen and to put the Vietnamese bamboo and rattan industry in the world's top position.

“We Empower Women and encourage them to become the backbone of our Company.”

“I believe Mother Earth needs a Mother’s love to help save our planet.”

Swarnendu Sarkar

Chief Executive Officer, Oceans Republic

Swarnendu holds an MBA degree with a focus on Strategic Management from the International Business School at the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM). He has worked and lived in several countries in Asia including India, Singapore, Malaysia, and now Vietnam and has vast cross-cultural experience. With over a decade working in Business Development, Operations, Sales, and Marketing, he has been instrumental in the development of Eco-friendly businesses, producing and delivering biodegradable, recyclable, and sustainable bamboo products worldwide.

“Whatever success we have achieved so far is the hard work of every team member. I’m here to make them function as a great team and never lose focus of our vision. Together we can, and we will make Vietnamese bamboo & rattan industry number one in the world.”


Financial Officer

Diep was born in Hanoi. Masters in Corporate Finance & Management Hanoi University. Her lengthy background in finance and sales brings years of experience to the Oceans Republic.  Diep has operated several companies in Vietnam and was a key person for the accounting department.

Gracey Nguyen

Sales Director

A seasoned professional with international business experience, Gracey started her career as a Sales and Marketing Executive and was quickly recognized for her ability to customer acquisition, customer solutions in a global sales environment. Her versatile background has made her successful in the ever-changing business world while working as Sales Director role at the Oceans Republic. Gracey has earned her graduation in Business Management from a reputed Australian University.

Linh Pham

Web Designer

Linh is our young talent for all web-related content of Oceans Republic. She is specialized in front-end development. Linh is also experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including HTML5, PHP OOP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL. Linh creates fabulous and user-friendly web designs for Oceans Republic.

Nguyen Van Hien

Product and Technical Manager

Hien was born in Hai Phong City, in northern Vietnam. He studied IT at a reputed Vietnamese University. With over 20 years of experience in Auto CAD and SOLIDWORKS, Hien is exceptional in product designing and creating blueprint and CNC cutting designs. He is also the man behind the training of Oceans Republic bamboo factory staff.

“We are a great team and like a family. I must produce the finest machine operators and bamboo craftsmen whose workmanship will be praised not only in Vietnam but internationally.”

Thu Nguyen

Marketing and Innovation Officer

A student of entrepreneurship and capital markets, Thu sees opportunity in creating value through the adoption of circular economies of materials. Her in-depth knowledge of Marketing, futuristic ideas, and designs create a buzz around Oceans Republic bamboo products.

Kieran Kelly

Business Advisor

Kieran hails from the South East Coast of Ireland. He is also the founder of RIO which collects Ocean Plastic globally. Kieran aims to uncover solutions that address improving responsible plastic handling. This includes providing alternatives to plastic products when possible, stopping the flow of plastic waste into water systems through better recycling and waste management, and collecting material in waterways. His shared knowledge is applied to fuel the sustainable growth of the Oceans Republic.

Guilherme Korte

Brazil Operations

We at Oceans Republic are happy to collaborate with Mr. Guilherme Korte. 
As a World Bamboo Ambassador, he is an experienced agroforestry worker with a background in investigative journalism. He believes in bamboo as a sustainable solution for the environment, economy, and social sustainability. Also, he is dedicated to promoting bamboo as a sustainable solution for the world.

We hope to contribute together to empower the bamboo farmers, bamboo artisans, and thousands of people involved in the production of bamboo products from Vietnam and South America.

Jegr Zebari

Middle East Representative

Jegr holds a Master of Business Administration from UTM, Malaysia. He understands the urgency of addressing climate change has driven investors to put sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices at the heart of their business strategies. Jegr is promoting the eco-friendly bamboo products of Oceans Republic to the Middle East market and stimulating its shift towards a sustainable future.

Sohini Sarkar

India Operations

Sohini holds a Master of Business Administration from BIBS, India. She has actively taken part in various community-based programs to generate awareness about the importance of eco-friendly bamboo products and a zero waste lifestyle amongst the Indian diaspora, both in India and abroad. She brings valuable experience in business start-up and development as well as coordination and management.

Rico Guerrero

USA-Mexico Operations

Rico is a native of Los Angeles California born and raised.

His lengthy background in finance and sales brings years of experience to the Oceans Republic.

Rico has owned and operated several companies in the US as well as internationally.

He was part owner and CFO of Ocean Queen Seafood in Panama which sold millions of seafood revenue annually.

His dedication and desire for a better world are with the Oceans Republic.

Dwight Hendrickson

USA & Caribbean Operations

Dwight Hendrickson, hailing from Caribbean, is a passionate advocate for sustainability. He believes in the power of small actions to make a big impact on our planet. Inspired by this philosophy, Dwight's interest in eco-friendly bamboo products grew, driven by their functionality and style. His ultimate goal is to help people live sustainable lifestyles by offering eco-friendly alternatives for their everyday needs. Dwight actively engages with communities, sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to make conscious choices for a greener future. His vision is to create a world where style, functionality, and environmental responsibility coexist harmoniously.

Aynur Tasim

Swiss-Turkey-Bulgaria Operations

Aynur Tasim: Master's graduate in International Business from HULT, Shanghai. Cultivating a sustainable culture, she passionately drives innovation in renewable sources, with a focus on replacing plastic usage within the hospitality and retail sectors. In her role at Ocean Republic, Aynur is dedicated to promoting, growing, and leading the business development and marketing of our bamboo creations for Switzerland, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Daniel Rhames

USA- Canada Operations

Daniel, US Coast Guard Veteran and seasoned construction company owner with 25 years of finish carpentry expertise, now serves as the US-Canada Business Development lead for Oceans Republic. As a CEO of multiple ecommerce businesses, he offers invaluable insights as an Amazon, Walmart, and eBay seller, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through the intricacies of online marketplaces. Daniel's discerning eye for design feasibility and practical application, coupled with his passion for quality control, ensures every project meets the highest standards. His journey to Vietnam ignited a passion for unique, eco-friendly products, inspiring him to help others turn their passions into profitable ventures. With a love for BBQing, Italian, Asian, Mexican cuisine, and bread baking, Daniel embodies an adventurous spirit, committed to exploring new opportunities and helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Oceans Republic

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, Amazon FBA, contact us for building your brand of eco-friendly products.


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