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10,000 Kilos of Ocean Plastic Collected in Huge Clean-Up Effort

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

In a huge clean-up effort, 10,000 kilos of ocean plastic have been collected from the waters north of Java Indonesia. The ocean plastic was gathered by Ocean Integrity (RIO) on behalf of Oceans Republic Company Limited.

This is a significant amount of ocean plastic that has been removed from the environment and will help to reduce the damaging effects that this pollution can have on marine life and ecosystems.

Ocean plastic pollution is a serious global problem and it is encouraging to see companies taking action to clean up our oceans. This type of effort needs to be replicated all over the world in order to make a real difference.

As Oceans Republic continues its commitment to cleaning up our oceans, we would like to thank RIO Oceans Integrity for their help in collecting this ocean plastic. Without their assistance, this would not have been possible. We are also grateful to the people of Java, Indonesia for their support in our efforts to clean up the ocean.

Ocean Integrity, under the great leadership of Kieran Kelly, is making a difference in the world, and we are proud to support their efforts. They are committed to cleaning up the world's oceans, and they are doing an amazing job!

We will continue to work hard to reduce the amount of ocean plastic and make our oceans cleaner and healthier for all.

This plastic was collected under The Blue Ocean Program “STANDARD” and audited by Ocean Stop!

Thank you, Kieran Kelly, Doris Saokto, Ocean Integrity, and Ocean Stop!

The collection of ten tons of ocean plastic can save the global economy up to $330,000.

Our goal is a world in which the ocean is free from the harmful effects of plastic pollution.

We want to create solutions that stop plastic pollution at its source, while also providing sustainable livelihoods for those who are most affected by the problem.

We are Oceans Republic, join us on this journey!


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